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Background Checks and Due Diligence Investigations

SAS Investigations can carry out discreet background checks (due diligence investigations) on private individuals or corporate bodies; (for corporate due diligence please visit our due diligence corporate page or for Partner investigation please visit the partner background checks page). Our private investigators are able to supply the data required to allow you to make an informed decision, or simply to furnish you with relevant details you may require.

It is sometimes necessary to either investigate a person without alerting them to your enquiries, or even confirming details about them that they have told you, or that you suspect.

Accuracy is very important in a background check, as the result of our findings may affect a private relationship, business association or even a legal issue.

Private Background Checks

There are several reasons why background checks on an individual may be useful

*Prospective employment
*Considering marriage or taking the next step in a relationship
*Financial or credit related
*To support legal activity against an individual
*For assistance in a defence on a legal charge against you
*Prospective business relationship
*You want to know more about your daughters or your sons partner
*Contracting a person or company for services
*Reliability or character confirmation
*Babysitters, Nurses, Nannies, etc..
*General requirements

What Can We Investigate

Our Private Investigators are able to carry out discreet background checks to investigate a persons past and present in many areas of daily life. We can target our investigation to your specific requirements, concentrating on areas most relevant to your requirements.

It might be that you need to know the legal or criminal background of someone, or maybe their immigration background. We can also look into marriage and divorce history, work and education or where someone has lived. We can investigate a persons court records, civil process, and credit history.

The Cost of a Background Check

The cost of a private investigation into the background of a person depends largely on what information is required. It is a common misconception that a standard background check will generally assist; this may be carried out by some companies for a fixed fee, (and ourselves if you require) but for example it may not be useful to know financial or employment information if your main concern is that of reliability or criminal history. Conversely a criminal history is not necessarily going to assist if your main interest is a persons financial or credit history. By calling a private investigator at SAS Investigations, we will be able to listen to your requirements and structure a cost effective investigation to match.


It is of the utmost importance that a background investigation on an individual is carried out with the greatest of care and discretion. All of our work will be geared towards a successful conclusion without the individual being affected by our investigation. Our private Investigators will handle all enquiries with sensitivity and with the utmost care.