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Tracing - Birth Parent Search

People who have been separated from either one or both of their natural or birth parents, at some time in their life may decide to find them and try to unite their family. Fresh and lasting relationships can often be accomplished by a birth parent search depending on personal circumstances, and in some cases the reason for the parent separation from the child. It could be that there were special or financial reasons for the separation, or often divorce or even the result of a casual relationship can cause a parent to be split from their child.

We have experienced and above all understanding Private Investigators who have reunited many happy people with their natural birth parents. In addition to completing the searches, we can provide free and useful advice on approaching the parent, and ways to increase the quality and success rate of a happy reunion.

A Confidential Discreet Search

As a professional investigation agency, all of our searches are completely confidential and the person we are searching for will not be aware of our investigation at any time. This allows our client to make the first contact in the best way they prefer and without our involvement. There are times however when we are requested to either help with the reunion to the parent or at least inform the parent of our involvement. We will only declare our involvement or contact the birth parent with the clear authorization of our client to do so.

We Can Find Birth Parents In The Following Circumstances

*The child has been left for adoption by both parents.
*The mother has had a short relationship and there are few details known about the father
*Conflict or political issues
*Divorce or long term separation
*Separation from the parent at an older age

The Cost Of Tracing A Birth Parent

The cost of tracing a birth parent will depend on a number of factors. Generally, the more relevant information that is available, the cheaper the cost. This will also depend on if the parent is in the UK or elsewhere.

Some factors that could affect cost are

*If the full name of the parent is known.
*If the parent is male or female (a female can change her name if she gets married)
*If the parent was born in the UK
*If the search is in the UK (we can search worldwide, but there may be additional cost)
*How much additional information is known

Please note, we have been very successful in locating extremely difficult cases with very little data available, but each case must be considered according to the circumstances and a fixed price will be quoted for each case.

Additional Details Available

In most cases, we can carry out additional searches once we have completed the parent search. In some situations, it may be helpful to know if the parent has married, or if they have children of their own. At this point the additional information is generally straightforward to obtain, and it may help our clients to decide on the next step.

The Report

All searches are carried out discreetly by a private investigator and we will complete our investigation with a full report on our findings to allow you to approach the person in a way best suited to you. A report will include all details obtained during the search which may include addresses, places of business, contact numbers, or other persons living at the address.

Searching for Other Family Members

SAS Investigations are able to search for other family members. Our private investigators can conduct a careful trace for the person you want to search for. It could be that you have lost touch with some family through various reasons. Whatever the reason, please visit the tracing page for family member trace.