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Spy Bugging - Electronic Surveillance

Spy Bugging and Electronic Surveillance can achieve results when normal surveillance cannot. By using a private investigator to place someone under normal surveillance it is possible to confirm heir movements, where they are, what they are doing when they are out and generally who they are meeting. There is a limitation to what a private detective can achieve using standard surveillance if you want to know what is going on behind closed doors. When the person closes the house door, gets into a vehicle or enters a hotel room, there is very little that can be done to continue monitoring the person.

A Spy Bugging service with Electronic surveillance however provides an alternative solution to continued observation of the individual when they are out of sight or out of earshot of the private investigator. Please see the bugging information page for more details on bugging and its uses, or visit the partner spy bugging page for more information on partner bugging.

Spy Bugging Can Be Used For...

*Bugging both audio and video inside a house or place of work
*listening to conversations within a vehicle using a spy bugging device
*Video and/or audio electronic surveillance within a hotel room
*Monitoring a place of work or other premises to investigate theft, criminal damage or similar
*Provide evidence of criminal activity including drugs, solvent abuse etc..
*Using a spy bug to provide evidence of poor treatment of children whilst under Nanny or baby sitter care
*Spy bugging to provide evidence of poor treatment to elderly people in care homes
*Electronic Surveillance Support for other standard surveillance operations

Audio Bugs

Audio spy bugs can be discreetly fitted where required, and come in four main formats.

  1. Small battery powered spy bugs disguised as everyday objects such as pens, calculators, ornaments etc..
  2. Mains powered devices built into household objects such as adapter plugs, mains sockets, radios, televisions etc..
  3. Small battery audio bugs that can be hidden under a table or seat, or placed on top of a cupboard or behind furniture
  4. GSM noise canceling bugs which are particularly suitable for bugging a vehicle

All the above bugs can come ready to be fitted by our agents or if required we can build a bug into an existing object (or a duplicate) if an additional object would cause suspicion.

Video Bugs

Where purely listening is not sufficient then a video bug can be placed, these come in four main categories.

  1. Small battery video spy bug limited to a few hours surveillance.
  2. Battery spy bug built into an everyday object with extended batter life (up to several days depending on the size of the object)
  3. Mains powered device built into a mains powered object such as an alarm clock, television, CD player, mains radio etc..

Categories 2 and 3 of the above devices can come ready installed or built into a household item by one of our Private investigators. If required we can build a bug into an existing object (or a duplicate and a swap carried out at the time of fitting) if an additional object would cause suspicion.


Please call 0207 1388118 to discuss as each case and requirement is different.