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Company Theft Private Investigation

If you are the owner of a company, a director, executive or the manager of a department that is suffering from company theft of items, information or data theft then this can be a distressing time. SAS Investigations can help with a private investigator who can carry out a full investigation using many methods at his disposal to trace and locate the person or persons responsible for the theft. Please also see the Personnel Surveillance page for more details on Company Theft Investigation methods

Company Product or Item Theft

Company theft can fall into many areas; It may either be that product is being stolen from the company or items such as laptops, mobile phones or personal belongings are being removed by staff or visitors/contractors. There are several areas of investigation that our private investigators can carry out including but not limited to the following.

Local InvestigationLocal investigation and intelligence work
Hidden camerasUse of hidden cameras and/or recorders
Investigation into suspects actionsInvestigation into suspects personal actions and lives
Tagging baitPlanting of "bait" that has been tagged with locator beacons
Undercaover agentsIntroduction of undercover agents working as employees
Undercover contractor investigationsContractor investigations (cleaners, service people, maintenance etc.)

Data Theft Investigation

Company theft of company documents or data is generally associated with either a disgruntled employee who wishes to upset the everyday operation of the company, or in some cases someone who has a "customer" for the information that they are removing or copying from company. The latter can be very serious in terms of its potential affect on the company itself and possibly its customers. Company theft of this nature can include such items as financial reports, contact lists, employee records, confidential documents and software.

Tracking down persons who are stealing or copying company data is often approached differently by our Private Investigators to identifying a person stealing property or belongings. Both the reason to carry out this type of company theft and the potential customer who is receiving the information may be linked directly or indirectly to a competitor.

Areas of investigation that may be Investigated depending on the circumstances could be:

Intelligence InvestigationIntelligence investigation on suspected employees and/or contractors
Local investigationLocal investigation
Tracing the informationTracing the information lost to its possible consequences and use
Hidden camerasUse of hidden cameras
Phone and email investigationsPhone and email communications investigations

External/Remote Company Data Theft

Competitors or "interested parties" can use other investigation agencies to spy on your company. These actions can be carried out by using a person or company to "hack" into your computer network or standalone PC in order to extract information. Although you may have firewall's and restrictions set up within your work environment there are many ways to break through these defences to obtain valuable information.

Please contact our Private Investigation team on 0208 138 3021 if you need more information about this threat.

Employees Spying or Eavesdropping

It is becoming more and more common for "interested parties" to either place or arrange the placement of bugs or listening devices within your company, or to arrange for specialist software or computer hardware bugs to be fitted discreetly to your systems or network in order to extract computer data. Please visit the bug sweeping page for more information.