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Company Financial Investigations - Corporate Asset Searches

SAS Investigations offers in-depth Business and Company financial investigations and Asset Searches carried out by professional and experienced Private Investigators. It may be that you or your company is planning to enter a business relationship with another company, or maybe you have already carried out business with a company and have concerns about their finances. Are you considering purchasing a company or possibly purchasing shares with the expectation of future growth.

Reduce The Risks of Financial Loss

Being involved with another company on a financial level means that you need to be sure about the financial state of the company, and you can achieve this by instructing a Private Investigator to carry out a discreet company investigation or company asset search on the corporation concerned, its directors, suppliers, shareholders, business associations, offshore connections and liabilities.

An in depth company financial investigation goes much deeper and covers more areas that a due-diligence investigation. As well as a company financial investigation, we will consider such areas as fraud, counterfeiting, supply and use of inferior goods, and connections and associations with other corporate entities and offshore facilities.

Company Investigation and Financial Worth or Value

If you are considering purchasing a company or its shares or entering into a legal battle with a company, then it is vital that you know the "real" value of the company you are dealing with. This should include all factors such as future business assessment, creditors, marketplace, history and reliability, competitors, new products or services, history and success of previous products or services, reputation, vulnerability.

Our Private Investigators can determine the true value of a companies financial status with a company investigation which could in many occasions include an asset search a forensic accounts investigation to evaluate the trading and history of profit/loss; this service would be arranged directly with SAS Investigations agents

Following a Financial Loss

Have you already been on the receiving end of a financial loss due to the operation or fraudulent activity of another company, or is the company you have lost money with been little more that a set-up to receive funds for products or services that have never been delivered.

Have you been on the receiving end of a bogus company that has received funds from you only to disappear into thin air without delivering the products or services you paid for. If this unfortunate event has happened to you or your company then it is important to be able to track down the persons responsible, either retrieve funds from existing finances through legal procedures, or trace and seize property or assets from the benefactors in order to recuperate your losses


Our Private Investigators can investigate cash flow and general finances, employee liabilities, profit and loss (not information formally produced but information revealing the real status). We can also investigate into cash drain to other corporate entities, false companies set up as trading partners and also product and service purchases.

For any assistance on Financial investigations, please talk to one of our senior Investigators who will be able to assist you in total confidence.

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