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Corporate Investigator Services

The following list of private investigator services give a overview of many of the areas of our work that are aimed at the corporate client, but may also be useful for non-corporate clients. The private investigator services page contains some services aimed at the individual or private client.

Corporate Bug Sweeping
A specialist division of Private Investigators equipped with advanced bug sweeping equipment are available to come to your home or office and complete a full and in-depth electronic sweep for bugs and listening devices. We can locate and remove the bugs and in some cases even find who has planted them.

Corporate and Personnel Surveillance
SAS Investigations has a dedicated team of Private Investigators who are trained and have experience primarily in surveillance. This results in specialist agents rather than general agents and hence provides a higher standard of service.

People Tracing
Our extended and advanced tracing facilities encompass some of the most effective search and find systems available.

Asset Tracing
Our Private Investigators can investigate into a persons assets, property and lifestyle.

Undercover Investigations
There is sometimes need for an Undercover Private Investigator who is specifically trained and has experience in undercover operations.

Criminal Appeal
Our experienced Private Investigators with senior Police backgrounds have had many years of criminal investigations within the Police force, and in a Private Investigator environment.

Criminal Investigation
Our Private Investigators can strengthen any criminal defence by providing evidence and carrying out investigations to balance the efforts of the CPS and provide for a fairer and better defence.

Computer Forensics
A full forensic examination of a computer by a forensic investigator can reveal hidden information about its use, web sites visited, hidden or deleted files and deleted images.

Human Forensics
Fingerprint matching, DNA matching and examination, Polygraph testing, Body fluid testing, Drug testing and alcohol abuse.

Background Investigation
Our Private Investigators can investigate into a persons background, and reveal criminal history, court appearances, credit problems and work issues.

Bugging and Electronic Surveillance
A Private Investigator or Detective can arrange to fit a bug in a home or office (subject to certain restrictions)

Vehicle Tracking
Track the historical and also live location of a vehicle.

Fraud Investigation
SAS Investigations has many years experience in investigating fraud cases, from a few thousand to millions. This has included private and corporate victims.