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Counterfeit Goods Private Investigator

Counterfeiting can be the cause of failed companies, destruction of household names, failure of ventures, and loss of customers. The quality and result of counterfeit goods is getting better and better as new methods and equipment is becoming more readily available. Sometimes a company will produce counterfeit goods that are practically indistinguishable from the real object although in the majority of cases a detailed look can reveal the forgery fairly easily. An Investigation carried out by an experienced private investigator can uncover a counterfeiting operation and bring the persons responsible to justice.

Our Private Investigators can investigate counterfeiting or illegal copying of products by methods such as:

*Undercover investigation
*Creating a "ghost customer"
*Tracing of funds, accounts, import, export
*Intelligence and Private Investigation

Sometimes it may be sufficient for a Private Investigation team to track down and identify the person selling the counterfeit goods, although generally a more in-depth approach is needed and it is more favourable for our detectives to trace back to who is either producing the counterfeit goods, or in the case of offshore connections, who is importing or exporting the items. The investigation can normally completed by a combination of surveillance, intelligence investigations and also undercover investigations.

Counterfeiting is a major challenge facing an increasing number of companies and it is a major threat to business and consumers throughout the world. Counterfeiters and those who sell the forgeries are constantly evolving in order to produce a more accurate produce, increase financial gain and also to avoid detection. Combating this form of crime is vital in order to protect the product that is being copied, and also the company that is making, distributing or selling it.

Areas of Counterfeit Investigation

*CD's and DVD's
*Consumer goods
*Clothing and accessories
*Food and drink

Effect of Counterfeit Goods On The Marketplace

The effect of counterfeit goods entering the marketplace can have a devastating effect on the company that is making, distributing or selling the original product. Firstly there is the more obvious effect of loss of sales and revenue. Very often the companies or individuals purchasing the counterfeit goods are not aware of their illegal status. Secondly there is the issue of a poor or inferior item in circulation that creates a bad name for the original product resulting in loss of business and reputation. Lastly there is a direct effect on the original by devaluing the name to a point where an original product can actually be viewed as a copy. An example of this stems from the counterfeit watch market in the far east where copies of Rolex watches are made with sufficient accuracy and in such great numbers that if you own an original Rolex it may not be uncommon for others to think that you actually have a copy instead of the real thing.

Private Investigations Into Counterfeit Goods

If you are being affected by the sale or supply of counterfeit goods then call SAS Investigations and one of our detectives will be happy to discuss your situation in complete confidence either over the phone or we can arrange a meeting where we would suggest a solution tailored to your needs please call 02071383021 for helpful assistance and details of our service.