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Covert Surveillance - Corporate

Covert surveillance services provided by trained and experienced Private Investigators can provide the necessary evidence If you suspect one of your employees, a contractor or temporary person of acting illegally, or against your companies interests. If you want discreet proof of the individuals actions then a private investigator from SAS Investigations can help. Common areas where corporate surveillance services can provide solutions are,

MoonlightingPossible moonlighting
CompetitorInvolvement with a competitor
Fraudulent sick leaveSuspected fraudulent sick leave
Illegal activitySuspected illegal activity
false timesheetsFalsifying time sheets, working hours or activities
corporate espionageCorporate espionage
company theftCompany theft

Moonlighting and Competitors

If an employee is working for another company whilst in your employ then this could be in breach of their working terms or contract. Conversely there may be the addition of a conflict of interests between the two companies, or worst still your employee could be passing on information from your company to their other employer (possibly a competitor); surveillance services can provide photographic proof of this.

Fraudulent Sick Leave

An employee may have been signed off work by a doctor, and could be receiving sick pay from your company. At the same time they could be working somewhere else and receiving two incomes. This would almost certainly be in breach of the work contract with your employee, but even worse it could be also be illegal.

Suspected Illegal Activity

Is the person in question involved in illegal activity; if this is drugs, counterfeit goods, stolen property or theft, it could have an impact on other employees if they are not already involved. Carefully mounted discreet surveillance services carried out by our private Investigators can provide the evidence to stop this activity, and bring the person to justice.

False Time Sheets or Work Activity

Any employee or contractor may be returning false time sheets for their own benefit. An employee who may be involved in visiting clients or customers as part of their activities is lying about where they have been or what they have done. Either of these scenarios will almost always constitute a loss of revenue for your company at very least, and could even result in loss of customers or legal issues.

Corporate Espionage

Industrial espionage is defined as activities such as theft of trade secrets, and technological surveillance. Information passed on to another company, particularly a competitor can often make the difference between success and failure. If a trade secret is stolen, or sensitive information is passed to a competitor the playing field may be tipped in favour of the competitor. Our surveillance services are nearly always involved in this type of activity.

A Solution Through Private Investigation

Taking into account the sensitivity of any investigation, SAS Investigations can instigate a discreet and careful investigation, carrying out surveillance or other services where required. We would also carry out a discreet in-depth investigation to determine details of individuals when no suspects are known. For more information on our Company Theft investigations please visit the Company theft page.