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Debtor tracing - finding debtors

If you are owed money by someone, whether it be a private individual, a company/ex company related issue, the result of a scam or failed promises, the stress both in terms of the loss of finances and the lack of necessary and positive communication can become a serious issue.

It is quite often that either the person owed the money has tried unsuccessfully to negotiate with the debtor, or in many cases, the debtor is hiding and refusing to provide accurate and honest address details or has just disappeared.

What Can We Do?

If you need to trace or find a debtor, SAS Investigations can assist. Over the years, we have successfully traced and located many hard to find debtors, and even living under a false identity, sharing a persons house, providing false and misleading addresses, or even leaving the country can usually be overcome by our debtor tracing facilities and private investigator personnel.

Our Private Investigators have access to some highly valuable systems that we use for tracing. In addition to these systems, we use a number of external searches and investigation methods that as a combined package have had a history of providing a very high success rate of greater than 90% for debtor tracing.

A Confidential Debtor Search

As a professional Private Investigation agency, all of our searches are completely confidential and we will not make the debtor that we are tracing aware of our investigations.

We Can Find Debtors in the Following Circumstances

*The debtor owes money to a company or individual under a loan agreement.
*The debtor owes money to an individual or company under a verbal agreement
*A scam has been instigated and money has been paid under false pretences
*A builder or tradesman has disappeared after receiving either part or full payment and has not completed the work according to agreement or to agreed or reasonable standards
*The debtor is a previous partner who has not paid CSA payments
*Various other circumstances

The Cost of Tracing a Debtor

The cost of tracing a debtor will depend on a number of factors. Generally, the more information that is available, the cheaper the cost.

Although the more information the better, we have been very successful in locating extremely difficult cases with very little information, please call to discuss the circumstances and we will be happy to agree a fixed cost for the search.

Additional Information Available

In many cases, in addition to finding the debtor we will include in the report all other information we may have found in the process of our search. This may include other persons living at the address, or often we may have phone numbers and other details.

If further details or investigations are required such as an asset search or background investigation, we can help with these also.

Multiple Traces or Contract Tracing

We offer fast, friendly and very reliable debtor tracing services to agencies and financial institutions, please call 02071383021 to discuss our terms and pricing.