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Company and Business - Due Diligence and Background Checks

When considering new ventures, clients, corporate mergers & acquisitions, we all face the challenge of establishing and trusting advanced information before making any commitments.

SAS Investigations's Background Checks and Due Diligence team currently assists clients gather time and content sensitive details that allows them to make fully informed decisions.

SAS Investigations's Private Investigators can successfully carry out Background Checks and in-depth Due-Diligence through it's established network of global sources and resources in a vast array of industry disciplines. This allows us to investigate gather, analyse, and comprehensively report relevant data to our clients in a professional and highly confidential way.

When offering a conclusion or summary of our findings, we aim to provide our clients with a body of supporting data including all available official documentation, and any other pertinent data from authoritative and respected origins.

Specialist Areas of Background Checks and Due Diligence Investigations

Background checksBackground checks on operating History including financial positions
Background due diligenceDeep background due-diligence into key players
History of legal threatsHistory of legal threats and challenges
False accountingFalse Accounting
Undeclared outgoingsUndeclared outgoings and liabilities
Environmental liabilitiesEnvironmental liabilities
Conflicts of interestConflicts of interest
Non disclosureNon-disclosure of critical information
Competitor intelligenceCompetitor intelligence
Inflated valuationsInflated share valuations
Illegal tradingIllegal Trading matters
Internal threatsPotential internal threats
Source of fundingSource of funding issues
Potential threatsPotential external threats

Completing The Background Checks

Regardless of the nature of your business or commitment, Our experienced Private Investigators will complete a discreet Background Check and provide you with an accurate appraisal of any potential threats and risks before any decisions need to be made. In the event that you proceed with the enterprise, our experience in this field means that we can assist you in the management of any identified risks thereafter.

Financial Disaster

The number of very high profile ventures suffering catastrophic failure in recent times, notwithstanding the number of internet related frauds, reflects the risk in getting involved in a venture of any kind in today’s globalised economy. Thus without completing a due diligence investigation and gaining specialist advice beforehand, means risk of financial suicide for anyone. At SAS Investigations Our Private Detectives and Investigators will ensure that your gain is our business - not your loss.


Discretion is of the utmost importance when carrying out Due Diligence on another companies status, and because of the sensitivity of the work involved, we have dedicated investigators who work with anonymity and discretion at all stages during the investigation and also all agreements in this area are supported by a strict NDA.