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Forensic Investigations

If you doubt the fidelity of your partner and would like further evidence or proof that they have or have not been faithful to you. Private investigators at SAS Investigations can arrange for forensic samples to be received or collected, and scientific test to be carried out to confirm or disprove your suspicions. We can also arrange for professional lie detector or polygraph tests to be undertaken to reveal the truth about a persons activities or feelings.

DNA Investigations

DNA samples can be collected and checked using controlled techniques to establish comparisons or type. The difference between standard or private DNA testing and Legal DNA testing is largely down to legal procedures and the accuracy of the result and has a bearing on cost.

Using forensic testing, SAS Investigations can organise for our Private Investigators to undertake the examination of DNA from samples to identify values in the DNA chain. These values can also be compared to other samples to establish if there is a match.

DNA testing will examine the DNA profile from two or more samples, and by identifying unique values in the DNA chain, these values can be compared to indicate whether or not there is a connection or relationship between the two samples. Our forensic service is carried out in complete confidence and trust by our Private Investigators in conjunction with forensic scientists.

The Following Tests Can Be Carried Out:

*Private Paternity tests
*Legal Paternity tests
*Family and relationship tests
*Ancestry testing
*Fully controlled legal testing

Semen Investigations

If you have suspicions over the nature of some body fluids, our investigators are able to carry out specific semen checks in order to confirm the presence of human semen. Generally we would suggest that you place the item containing the sample into a clean unused plastic bag and place this into an envelope before sending it to our investigation team for analysis. Upon receipt of the sample, we will carry out the necessary checks to ascertain if semen is present and either inform you verbally, or if requested provide a written report detailing the results.

Blood Type Investigations

Sometimes it may not be possible to obtain suitable samples for DNA testing, in these cases it is sometimes possible to carry out blood sample tests or to obtain Blood group intelligence that under certain circumstances may be helpful in confirming identity or disprove a connection or relationship. If you would require more information on this test please contact private detectives to discuss.

Lie Detector Testing (Polygraph)

Using a fully trained and experienced Polygraph operator together with the latest equipment and techniques, SAS Investigations can arrange for a Polygraph test to be carried out in order to confirm the truth about fidelity, past relationships, marriages or virtually any issue that you would like the clarity of truth on. It is important that the person being tested is fully aware of the nature of the test, and the information that we wish to clarify as being true.

Computer Forensics

Our private Investigators have the ability to arrange for a forensic inspection of a computer or laptop. We are able to identify past and present usage, hidden and deleted files, any footprints or evidence of web sites visited, files relating to emails identified, deleted images or video, and most information that may be able to reveal the usage or evidence contained within the device.