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Forensic Investigations - DNA Fingerprinting Handwriting

Using forensic Investigation and sample testing and evaluation, SAS Investigations can organise for the examination of DNA, fingerprints, body fluid, blood, and handwriting. Various crimes can be solved and events unraveled by the carefully controlled collection and testing of suitable samples in order to prove an activity inactivity or occurrence. Using carefully controlled techniques whilst maintaining continuity throughout the process, we are able to complete Forensic Investigations and provide an accurate report on our findings. Depending on the absence of contamination prior to SAS Investigations's investigation, evidence and the reports of our Investigations can be submitted by our investigators for legal purposes.

Forensic DNA Investigations

It should be noted that when requesting a DNA Investigation it is of VITAL importance that the DNA collection is carried out under completely controlled and scientific conditions and it is therefore important to contact us regarding the possible evidence BEFORE it is interfered with or contaminated. The accuracy and admissibility of the evidence is totally dependant on the procedures and controls used.

DNA Investigations will examine the DNA profile from two or more samples, and by identifying unique values in the DNA chain, these values can be compared to indicate whether or not there is a connection or relationship between them. Our service is carried out in complete confidence and trust.

Forensic Fingerprint Investigations

Fingerprint identification and Investigation referred to as dactyloscopy is the process of comparing suspected and known (sampled) skin ridge impressions from a persons fingers in order to determine if the impressions belong to the same person as taken from a scene of investigation. The make up of ridge skin means that every person has a unique print, possibly similar but not exactly identical to anyone else.

Elimination fingerprinting in connection with a Fingerprinting Investigation is often carried out at a crime or incident scene in order to identify and eliminate persons who may have made physical contact with the object carrying the identified prints.

Forensic Human Fluid Investigations

There are various forensic Investigations that can be carried out on suspected fluid. Forensic fluid investigations can be divided into two groups. The first group being the testing required in order to determine the identity of suspected fluid such as blood, saliva, semen, sweat, urine etc., and the second group being DNA testing and investigation of samples of fluid in order to determine the identification of the chain for further comparison.

Forensic Blood Investigations

In addition to testing a blood sample to determine its origin (human or animal) there are several other investigations and tests hat can be carried out on a blood sample. Blood can be tested for age (time outside the body), blood group, and ownership using DNA testing. We can also arrange tests for drugs and alcohol within samples.

Forensic Handwriting Investigations

SAS Investigations can quickly and accurately arrange for forensic handwriting investigations to be carried out. Testing and examination of handwriting can be completed several ways according to your requirements and the confidentiality of the situation. Two samples of original handwriting can be taken and explored in order to determine the likelihood that both were written by the same person. Alternatively if confidentiality determines that only one sample is available and we are aware of a suitable person with which to carry out a comparison, then we can arrange either covertly or overtly to obtain a sample from the person for analysis.