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Private Investigator - Intelligence and Information

Private Investigator Intelligence services are special services available to our clients aimed at obtaining information about a person or persons. The information or intelligence obtained by a private investigator may be information that is not obvious and open in their public life, but that may be invaluable to our clients in the course of an investigation. We invite you to view the Business Intelligence page for Corporate Intelligence, including companies, directors and other corporate entities or the Partner Intelligence page for partner intelligence services.

Investigation & Intelligence Personnel

SAS Investigations uses specialist intelligence teams who are able to procure information from a wide range of sources. The methods employed by SAS Investigations are extremely discreet, legal and very effective. SAS Investigations's Private Investigators are able to gain useful information about individuals, including communications, finances, life style, contacts, work and employment, travel and movements, personal status and much more.

Worldwide Private Investigation and Intelligence

SAS Investigations's Investigators can procure information from all areas of the UK and Europe. We can also obtain Intelligence data and information from many countries worldwide with only a few exceptions. Please call to discuss your requirements in confidence.

Investigation Services Offered

SAS Investigations's Private Investigators also have many years experience in obtaining personal information on individuals in a highly discreet and covert manner. They can search into someone's background to reveal truths about their past and present, we can investigate the movements of a partner, we can access data to establish the facts, we can investigate calls and communications, purchases, travel, applications, and validate the information we gain before passing it back to the client; Intelligence can be undertaken in the following areas.

*Financial and finance intelligence
*Ownership and legal possession
*Travel (local and international)
*Visas and documentation
*Marriages, Divorces
*Births and deaths
*Illegal immigrants
*Hotels and accommodation
*Phone number tracing and investigation

Discretion and Confidentiality

All of our intelligence work is undertaken by experienced Private Investigators London and nationwide, and is carried out with the utmost discretion ensuring that your identity and our existence is withheld and that information is passed directly to you without risk of interception or compromise from third parties. See our terms and conditions.