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Partner Hidden Asset Search - Asset Tracing

SAS Investigations can search for and locate hidden assets that may be within the UK or almost anywhere worldwide. If you are either starting or progressing through divorce proceedings and you have reason to believe that your partner is not disclosing all of their assets then you have a right to know the truth. Any decisions or action taken to at this point to ensure you know the truth can affect your future financial position.

We can launch a hidden asset search to uncover hidden banking deposits, investments, property and also company directorships and shares. Searches can be carried out in most countries worldwide or simply tailored to concentrate on UK assets.

In today's market there are many ways to "hide" finances. Decisions to make finances and other assets "secret" are not always made with the original intention of non-disclosure in the case of divorce; generally these decisions have been originally made to hide money from the eyes of tax departments.

Hidden Assets and Banking

There are various ways to divert finances into more tax efficient areas including offshore banking and property. Often these actions taken to reduce tax liability are quite legal providing they have been set up correctly and that any disclosure has been legally executed. It is however illegal to hide these assets without disclosure when it is required, and also not to disclose these assets during divorce proceedings when asked to do so. Even most assets that do not need to be disclosed to UK tax officials should be declared during a divorce case.

A Hidden Asset Search Can Locate Assets In The Following Areas

*Undisclosed UK or offshore banking
*Corporate interests either within the UK or offshore
*Investments or shares
*Banking or investments registered under another persons name
*Trust funds and trust loans
*Income from undisclosed sources
*Property either UK or offshore based
*Corporate fraud (diverting funds illegally)

Locating The Hidden Assets

SAS Investigations have dedicated financial private investigators who have the specialist skill and experience to undertake an investigation to trace and locate undisclosed assets.

A Private Investigator will discuss your requirements with you and agree on a dedicated investigation specifically tailored to your needs. Our Private Investigators will search for and locate any undeclared facilities that may or may not be linked to existing accounts. Any facilities located will be verified and information on these facilities will be presented in a report at the conclusion of our investigation.

Offshore Hidden Assets

It is becoming more and more commonplace to place finances out of reach from the tax man and hence often seemingly out of reach of the partner. Our worldwide resources allow us to search and locate finances and other assets in almost any country worldwide with only a few exceptions.

In The Court

In many cases our clients require information that can be used in a court of law as evidence or information to assist in a financial settlement or claim. This is particularly relevant in a divorce case, and we can assist you by either preparing our evidence in a format suitable for court, or if you wish we can work with your solicitor and council to assist the preparation of your case.