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Electronic Surveillance - Partner Bugging

If you have suspicions about your partner our Private Investigators can offer many services in order to uncover the truth. One service that can be highly useful is for us to intercept information about your partners movements, actions and conversations by Electronic Surveillance achieved by placing a listening/recording bugging device or even a video device in a suitable location.

Partner Bugging Devices

Our Private Investigators can fit electronic partner bugging devices at our clients request and permission into almost any place including homes, hotels, cars, offices, gardens, garages etc.. All devices that we supply fit loosely into the following categories.

*Battery powered audio partner bugging (limited duration)
*Mains powered audio partner bugging (infinite duration)
*Battery powered video bug (very limited life)
*Mains powered video bugs
*GSM audio mains bug
*GSM audio battery bug
*GSM video bug
*Telephone tap bug (Land line only)
*Telephone tap (Mobile)

The above options can further be divided into:

*Small hidden partner bugging devices
*Devices disguised as everyday objects

Bespoke Design Electronic Surveillance

SAS Investigations can arrange for any of the above partner bugging devices to be either built into an existing item already inside the room where you want the bugs to be placed, or if it is more convenient we can generally acquire an identical item, build the device into that item and swap it for the original at a convenient time. Suitable items can be radios, televisions, clocks, DVD units, satellite units, vases, picture frames, lamps, heaters etc..

In most cases, hidden bugs can be placed inside motor vehicles, although due to transmission restrictions on distance, these need to be the GSM type of bug.

Vehicle Tracking

A useful service to keep you informed of physically where your partner is can be carried out by fitting a hidden vehicle tracking bug to your partners car. This will inform you in real time what their position is, and also for evidence can record every location visited for viewing at a later date.

Collecting Evidence

Depending on the circumstances, our investigation team can either supply and fit a recording system in or near the place where the bug is fitted, or if you require a witnessed operation (for divorce and some other legal requirements) we can manually monitor the bug on an hourly or daily basis with partner surveillance. At the end of the investigation period we will supply the video or audio evidence together with a report on the investigation.

Investigation Cost

Due to the wide range of options available, and the range of situations that our investigators can offer, we would ask you to contact us by phone on 020 7138 3021 or email us (please visit our contact page) for more details and further assistance.