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Computer Investigations - Partner

A Computer Investigation carried out by a private investigator can resolve uncertainty or any nagging doubt you may have in your relationship. Not knowing if your partner is being faithful or what they may be hiding from you. With a dramatic increase in the use of computers at home and in the workplace, together with the increase and availability of dating and chat sites, partners are presented with more temptation to become involved with another person. Perhaps it just starts as an innocent chat online or a few friendly emails, but soon it can secretly grow into a meetings and then a relationship.

Accepting and dealing with the possibility that your partner may be cheating on you can be a very difficult and stressful situation to be in. If you have suspicions about your partner and try to live with these suspicions, this can often become more stressful with time and suspicions and distrust can become greater.

A Computer Investigation

Every situation and every person in a relationship is different, and SAS Investigations have therefore put together several well engineered computer investigation options in order to provide the most satisfactory answer to each situation.

The process of discreetly investigating your partners computer can be carried out by our Private Investigators in three different ways.

*Carry out a discreet forensic examination of their computer to view details about past usage and deleted files
*Discreetly install a non detectable program or specialist key logger onto the computer to copy and record future activity.
*Fit a small mechanical device or mechanical key logger to copy and record future activity.

A Computer Forensic Examination

Careful examination of a computers hard drive by our investigators can reveal much about the previous activity of a computer. A computer forensic examination can reveal hidden or deleted files, hidden or deleted pictures or videos, details of activity such as web sites visited, installed programs, deleted emails and letters. The act of carrying out a forensic examination is completed with care and discretion. Direct images (copies) of the hard drive can be made prior to any investigation being carried out in order to preserve the status of the hard drive and to ensure hat no trace is left of our investigation.

A Software Spy Program

We have a carefully engineered and customisable software "spy software" program that can be discreetly installed onto the computer. Our program in particular is completely undetectable and will quietly run in the background, monitoring the usage of the computer, recording every action and event, recording passwords and keystrokes and undetectably sending the data that it has recorded to a remote computer for examination by our investigators at a convenient time.

A Computer Hardware Spy

In some instances it is not possible or suitable to fit software onto the computer; In these cases there is another option. We can supply and fit a miniature device to the computer that will detect and record all keystrokes, passwords emails and letters. When you are ready, we can interrogate the device and retain the information recorded inside.

All computer investigations are carried out with the utmost care and attention and all information discovered shall be treated with the greatest of care and attention.