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Vehicle Tracking & Surveillance

Vehicle tracking can be a very useful tool when used either as a tracker "only" service, or as "support" in conjunction with a planned or existing surveillance operation. Two types of tracker are available, the first and most commonly used being a temporary (instant covert deployment) and the second being a permanent tracker (permanently wired into the cars electrical system).

A Vehicle Tracker "only" Service

As a tracker "only" service, a tracker will record the movements of a vehicle, and provide a real time confirmation of the vehicles location within the UK and most European countries. As a stand alone service, it will only provide information on the vehicles location and location history, and it will not necessarily be the location of the driver or passengers of the vehicle if the vehicle is stationary and has been vacated.

Combined Tracker and Surveillance Service

When used in conjunction with a surveillance service, the use of a discreet car or vehicle tracker can provide many clear advantages over surveillance alone.

*Almost eliminates possible loss of vehicle being followed
*Surveillance team can maintain greater distance from subject (especially useful for sensitive subjects)
*On multi day investigation, a tracker allows consistent knowledge of where to start surveillance
*A tracker provides knowledge of the vehicles movement during times when surveillance is not in operation
*A tracker can provide legal evidence in many criminal or employment investigations
*A vehicle tracker can sometimes allow for smaller surveillance teams


Car or Vehicle Tracker for Instant Deployment

This type of car or vehicle tracker is normally a small box about the size of a pack of cards. Inside is built the battery, the location circuitry and the satellite receiver. On the outside it is generally fitted with some strong magnets so that it can be attached to the underside of the car. As it is battery powered, it's working use is normally limited to a few weeks or so, or in some cases a little longer. Its main advantage however is that it can be attached to a vehicle quickly (in less than a minute) and it can also be removed just as easily.

Permanently Wired Tracker

A permanently wired car or vehicle tracker is a unit about the size of a pack of cards, but instead of being powered by a battery, it is hard wired into the vehicles electrical system and so becomes a permanent and highly reliable system. This type of tracker is less often used than the battery powered device, as it takes more than an hour to fit and consequently remove, and therefore requires access to the car for a long time. The advantages however are greater reliability, infinite usage time, and ultimately less likely to be found by the subject.

How a Tracker Is Tracked

Depending on the type of tracker fitted by our private Investigators, either the client may have access to the location facilities, or if used as support for surveillance the tracker location may be restricted to our investigators. Either way the location facility provides a map of the area where the tracker has been. The map indicates regular stages along a journey with information on speed, direction or places where the vehicle stopped and for how long; the facility will also provide real time location on request.

For further information on tracking a vehicle, when it may be useful, how much it will cost, please contact an investigator at our offices on 02071383021 and we will be pleased to discuss your circumstances and provide any advice you may require.