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Computer Forensics Investigations

Many investigations can be carried out by analysing computer data, deleted information, emails, connections, file transfers etc.. If you need assistance in a Computer Forensics Investigation, a Private investigator from SAS Investigations forensics can provide accurate and reliable assistance. SAS Investigations's Private Investigators provide a full range of services for the handling of computer related investigations. Our experienced Private Investigators can support you from the initial fact finding mission through to successful conclusion of our findings. If necessary we are able to continue through to advise and support you in relation to court proceedings, disciplinary procedures or any other action relating to the event.

Computer Forensics Services

Maybe you have experienced the theft of company data, hacking, planted viruses, malicious emails, Internet abuse or any other computer related incident, SAS Investigations's Private Investigators can carry out a discreet investigation in the following ways.

Advise on a forensic investigationAdvise how to initiate and control a forensic investigation.
Control of evidenceAdvise and support on the best methods of securing and controlling the evidence.
Secure dataUndertake visits to sites to secure data either overtly or covertly (as required).
Examine the dataExamine the data captured from the computer down to the lowest level of a disk.
Trace the sourceTrace the source and hidden information that could lead to an enhanced conclusion.
InvestigateInvestigate network, links, shared devices and firewall's.

SAS Investigations 's investigators will arrange for a specialised team of computer forensic experts trained and experienced in all areas of computer investigation to launch the enquiry. The investigators utilise the very latest in forensic tools and techniques in order to enhance the effectiveness, accuracy and speed of the investigation. With many years of successful forensic investigations, our forensic experts can quickly recover any information available within the computer.

Computer forensic investigations are sensitive, and whether they are carried out on a work or business computer or a computer stationed in a private house our Investigators are always aware of the need for absolute discretion and complete confidentiality.

The Private investigation team utilises specialist methods and the latest equipment in order to obtain vital evidence which often could not be found using more conventional techniques.

Computer Forensics Evidence

Many instances of computer forensics can provide very revealing and sometimes startling results. The computer that is the subject of the forensic investigation may have been used directly in relation to an offence, and hence the information obtainable from the footprints left within the system could create an image of events, contacts, statements, communications, time and date stamps, and even a history of connections either locally or to a remote location.

Evidence obtainable may fall into the following areas:

Use of softwareUse of software and modification of files
Recovery of filesRecovery of deleted files and images
Use of sphericalsUse of spherical's
Signing in and outSigning in and out
Remote accessRemote access
Internet useageEmails and internet usage

All computer forensic investigations are carefully carried out using disk imaging to preserve the original status of the hard drive and its usage. Results are carefully prepared for evidence and presented in written reports.