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Private Investigator Fraud Investigations

SAS Investigations have private investigators with years of experience investigating fraud in its many forms. A Private Investigator involved in any form of fraud is faced with a very important operation ensuring that any persons or organisations who are prepared to carry out misleading and illegal activities for financial gain are brought to answer for their actions. A Fraud Investigator will handle all fraud cases as a specialist area of experience.

In addition, a Private Investigator experienced in dealing with fraud investigations in the Police heads up the varying forms of fraud investigations that we are involved in.

False Disbursements

Fraudulent disbursement schemes could include false statements or values of expenses on statements or claims. Improper use of company cards and finances, claims for disguised non work related expenses, falsifying documentation or receipts, and generally using the companies system for payment of proper expenses and incurred costs in a fraudulent manner.

False Time Sheets/Claims

Fraudulent accounting for charged hours, invoices for employees or contractors work not used and addition of excess time or overtime that is not worked.


When an individual within a company asks for money or some other consideration to “assist” in making a particular business or trade decision. This type of fraud can run from a few hundred pounds to hundreds of thousands or even more. Cases of economic extortion are often only uncovered when “whistle blowers” have provided information on the persons concerned.


Bribery occurs when an individual accepts money, goods or services in order to change a particular course of action or inaction. This type of corruption is very difficult to detect under normal circumstances, and in the absence of an investigation may continue or repeat itself for long periods unnoticed. 

Long Term Fraud

Long Firm Fraud can be classed under two headings; the first example is when a business concentrates on developing a good credit and trading history in order to win the trust of its suppliers. This is often done by placing several small orders and pay for these orders regularly and on time. When the fraudsters wish to carry out the fraud they generally place several large orders with the companies with which they have established good credit and then disappear with the goods.
The second example is when a business sets up a fraudulent activity that is designed to be of a sufficient low financial level to be unnoticeable on a daily basis. When continued over a period of several years can amount to significant financial levels. This type of fraud is often associated with larger organisations with a high turnover.

False Invoicing

Invoicing that has been adjusted or camouflaged to appear correct, but in fact constitutes financial gain for the fraudsters.

Fake Companies or Non Existent Products or Services

This particular area of fraud can be some of the easiest to setup and can result in “quick wins” for the fraudsters concerned. A detailed setup is engineered and seemingly available products. Support is usually engineered to give the impression of reliability and good trading. Often this fraud is engineered from offshore facilities or those linked to them.

Other Fraud Investigations

In addition to the above areas of fraud, an Investigator from SAS Investigations can investigate into Benefit Fraud, Company Fraud, and Identity Fraud. Please contact a Private Investigator at our offices and we shall be glad to assist.