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Criminal Defence Investigator

Whether you are facing criminal or civil charges or indeed if you have been convicted of a criminal offence and you are wishing to appeal, SAS Investigations have a strong team of Private Investigators dedicated to supporting your defence. An investigation can go far beyond the capabilities of a legal representative, as we are able to actively investigate hands on with a vast array of resources, and uncover defence evidence and facts otherwise unobtainable. If there has already been a criminal conviction however and you require to launch an appeal please visit the criminal appeal page for more information.

Civil and Criminal Defence Investigation is carried out by the most experienced Private detective Investigators within the group. We have undertaken many civil and criminal cases, and experience and determination has enabled us to achieve strong and reliable results allowing our clients to benefit from a strengthened defence ensuring that the truth and facts of the innocent prevail

The Criminal Defence Investigation

Criminal defence investigation cases often involve the liberty of an individual, but a carefully planned and proper defence investigation in a criminal case can lead to favourable results. The criminal defence Private Investigator will concentrate on developing evidence, which may be sufficient for an acquittal or at least create reasonable and sufficient doubt among the juror’s as to the client’s guilt. The defence investigation may also show that the client’s rights were violated or that proper procedures were not followed.

In the case that the client is pleading guilty to some of the charges but not to others, we can provide a tailored investigation to ensure sufficient evidence is available to support the clients plea.

The Solicitors Limitations

Most solicitors rely heavily on information readily available at the time, and statements from the accused. It must be remembered that the Police and the CPS are working to provide a case against the accused, but without the assistance of a Private Investigator there is no-one to work on behalf of the defence. SAS Investigations can supply the Solicitors and legal team with the necessary evidence to support a stronger defence.

A Criminal Defence Private Investigator

SAS Investigations have specialist Private Investigators who are skilled in the necessary procedures to undergo an effective investigation on behalf of the defence. With police backgrounds, our criminal investigators have the knowledge and skills to investigate the facts relating to an event, uncover the truth, interview witnesses known to the defence, and in many cases locate and interview witnesses unknown to the defence. Evidence can be searched for using our vast resources, and together with supportive intelligence we can help build an effective case in our clients favour.

Criminal Appeal

If the case has already passed the court date, and a conviction and sentence has already been issued, it will be necessary to launch an appeal. This MUST be well crafted and dealt with professionally.

Although a solicitor can launch an appeal, an appeal in most cases without NEW EVIDENCE will fail.

A Criminal Investigator from SAS Investigations can search for and gain new evidence that will give an appeal a MUCH STRONGER chance of success. Please visit the Criminal Appeal page for more information.


All legal investigations vary in their complexity and requirements. Any investigations undertaken for criminal defence purposes can usually be quoted on a fixed cost basis and any variations in requirements can usually be capped.

Please contact one of our Private Investigators /London Office who will be happy to assist you with any questions you may have relating to your case. We can be contacted by phone on 020 7138 3021 or you can visit the contact page to send an email or written request.