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Undercover - Investigation Services

One of our most specialised and discreet services, is that we can provide an undercover investigator unit to assist with the most sensitive of requirements within London, the UK and overseas.

An undercover investigator unit will consist of a tailor made and finely tuned operation involving one or more private investigators and depending on the requirement, a backup unit or in some cases a monitoring unit where body worn transmitters are used on the undercover investigators.

Uses of Undercover Investigators

Undercover investigators are available for a number of specific uses, some of which are detailed below.

Bug sweep in the homeTheft in a work environment
counter surveillance in the officeSuspected dealing in illegal substances
bug sweeps in the factoryCounterfeit or copyright goods
de-bugging and trackers in the carFraud
Micro devicesLegal and criminal investigation work
Electronic equipmentImport or export investigations of goods
counter surveillance in the officeLifestyle investigations
bug sweeps in the factorySuspected moonlighting
de-bugging and trackers in the carObtaining information and intelligence investigations
Micro devicesFamily and infidelity
Electronic equipmentAccident and insurance investigations

Undercover Investigators Available

Depending on the situation and requirement, we can supply an undercover private investigator to suite most needs. We have investigators of varying ages, and we also have both male and female investigators available.

In addition to having the right investigator to fit the requirement, we will also arrange for the investigator to be of the necessary character and also the appropriate clothing for the requirement. These two points are particularly necessary when it is important to gain the confidence of another person or persons in order to obtain information.

Research and Organisation Before Deployment

The private investigators chosen to complete the undercover task will either meet with the client directly, or be fully briefed prior to starting the investigation. If the investigation is to be carried out in a work environment, then it is common to arrange for the undercover investigators to be seen as "employed" by the company they will work in, and therefore arrangements will need to cover this adequately.

Again, depending on the exact requirement, the following issues will need to be taken into account and planned for.

Possible risk to undercover investigators, hours being deployed and associated arrangements, if audio recording or audio and video body worn transmitters are to be used, if there is an ethnic or nationality requirement, if overseas travel is required, the backup or monitoring team required, expenses and available funds with the investigators, cover story and supporting knowledge.

Cost Of An Undercover Investigation

The cost of an undercover investigation will depend on many issues, including how many people are required; it may be a simple operation requiring just one private investigator where a backup or monitoring team is not required, or it could require two or more undercover agents plus one or two backup personnel.

The page detailing costs will give a price for an hourly rate per person, but if there are other factors to be accounted for, these can be discussed without obligation.

Please call SAS Investigations an ask to speak to a senior Private Investigator on 020 7138 3021